Our Mission:
To create an environment that makes it possible to “bring the past forward.” To revive the knowledge of our pre-civilization ancestors; to provide a sustainable living for our members while also sustaining Mother Earth. Find balance in living with the knowledge of our ancestors while flowing with the state of our times. Take care of all of our members with a focus on the children, providing them with the knowledge and emotional support needed to thrive and pass the information on.


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Our Goals:

I. Self-Sustainable Community
Grow and forage our own fruit/vegetables/medicinal herbs, eat meat that we raise/hunt/trap, drink milk from our own goats/cows. Anything that we don’t produce here we barter/trade/buy from surrounding communities/homesteads/farms. Give back to the Earth what we take, and show our thanks.

II. Conscious Community
Live in every moment and be conscious of our words and actions and how they affect the entire community- especially the children. Show love, compassion, and respect in every interaction, and learn together how to process emotions in a healthy way.

III. Supportive Community
Provide support for every member of our society, unlike the society at large. Support mothers in all of their transitions so that they can be good mothers and raise a generation of knowledgeable and loving children; support children and teens- give them space to run and to process emotions, as well as a well-rounded learning environment; support fathers and give them ample opportunity to be a welcome presence in their children’s upbringing; support single men and women, give them opportunity to feel fulfilled and purposeful; support our elders- treat aging with the respect it deserves and the knowledge that is gained and its need to be passed down.

IV. Educational Community
Education for all ages! Host workshops that relate to our lifestyle, encourage villagers and the surrounding community to come and learn with us. Be fully stocked with a library full of resources and books to learn about homesteading, growing food, holistic healthcare, herbalism and natural medicine, natural birth, food as medicine, wildtending and wildcrafting, etc.

V. Creative Community
Have space for every kind of creative- music studio, art studio, dance studio, etc; have opportunities for members to practice in communal settings. Expressing ourselves creatively is not only for fun, but helps us to bond as a community and process our emotions in a healthy way.

VI. Purposeful Community
Whether your passion is being in the garden every day, baking bread every morning, cooking for the village, teaching, starting your own business to help provide for the community income, we are all striving to find our purpose and passion in life, while balancing the chores and nitty gritty

VII. Zero Waste Community
Eliminate our plastic use and reuse what we do use in the meantime. Eliminate processed foods from our diet so that we can compost all food leftovers. Use all parts of the animals- nothing wasted. Collect rainwater so we do not have to use as much well water.

VIII. Holistic Healthcare Community
Focus on preventative healthcare- eat healthy food with lots of vegetables so that we have the nutrients we need to maintain a strong immune system, healthy nervous system and supported body. Encourage members keeping their bodies in shape by providing opportunities for communal exercise if wanted. Use natural medicine/herbs/practices first, avoid conventional medicinal practices unless there is truly an emergency. Provide resources for members to educate themselves about the natural cycles of their bodies and how we can work
with them.

Want to join or support us?

Whether you’d like to live in our village, come by to meet us, or support us from afar, we’d love to hear from you!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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